Why use a K-9 to inspect for bed bugs?

Kota alerts on live bed bugs by laying down and pointing directly at the infestation.

  • Accuracy...Based on a study performed by the University of Florida, a certified K-9 bed bug inspection team has a 97% likelihood of finding a infestation, even the smallest one, and is capable of searching a room in minutes, while even a well trained pest control specialist only has roughly a 30% chance of finding the same infestation within the same room while taking much longer to do so. 
  • Cost Effective...Should live bed bugs be present, you will know exactly where they are. Our K-9 can pinpoint the exact location of a bed bug infestation, large or small. Having only that area treated could result in substantial savings as opposed to treating multiple areas or entire structures. 
  • Non Invasive...Our K-9's search your structure "as is". Your home or business does not need to be taken apart as it would for a human search.
  • Proven... The best form of technology there is in the war against bed bugs.
  • Verification...Having our K-9 follow up after bed bug treatment has been completed to make sure the treatment was successful.  

Your peace of mind is the best reason to use a K-9 to inspect for bed bugs.  Knowing if live bed bugs are present or not is the first step and our trained K-9/handler team will provide the answer.

If you have even the slightest suspicion you may have a bed bug issue, schedule an appointment for a K-9 bed bug inspection right away.  Waiting too long can become very expensive.

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