Forest City K-9 Bed Bug Detection Service is certified by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA) and the Integrated Bed Bug Management Association (IBBMA). These certifications ensure that canines and handlers meet the highest standards of detector dog team performance in the industry in accordance with the standards outlined in the NPMA Best Management Practices.

Our customers are satisfied...

Lakewood Exterminating

Bedbugs were confirmed in the mattress vent hole toward the center of the mattress.

Pest control companies call us when they need assistance to locate very small infestations. In this case, Lakewood Exterminating called us for assistance. We completed the K-9 bed bug inspection, and the next day Lakewood Exterminating wrote...

  • ...I spent a lot of extra time checking your work. All that I could find was some fecal matter and two nymphs underneath the bed rail in a hole. It was right where the customer told me the dog alerted. Nice job. Next time I'll save myself some time and not work so hard.

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Sherry A.

Our goal is to help all of Cleveland become bed bug free!

Sherry spent a lot of time, work and money for bed bug treatments, then decided to move to a new house. She called us to find out if any bed bugs tagged along with her... only a very few did and after that treatment Sherry is now bedbug FREE!  She wrote:

  • I called because I was skeptical of family bringing critters into my home,plus I just moved and didn’t want to go through the whole house,we used forest city at greenbrier nursing home,and he works for the hospitals when need be,so I decided to give it a try,so happy I did,mike is very knowledgeable and understanding of all of his clients,and knows his dog very well,angus knows as soon as he enters his clients house that it’s time for work and he starts sniffing,he does not just go over the area once,he does it up to five times angus listens to his handler mike,and knows what he is looking for...if their is a hit mike will single angus to go over the area more than once to make sure,than if so he will dig in with his clients to find the critter, and he will follow up to make sure his clients are satisfied,I have decided to go forward with forest city k9 for a peace of mind every two mo..with how bad cleveland has become with bed bugs it’s best for my peace of mind..his prices are reasonable and his patience with his clients are respectable and very knowledgeable..I would recommend calling before you throw the whole house out,pin point the area and treat it,you will be glad you did!!!! 

Andrew W.

Forest City K-9 can help you turn your bed bug issue into dead bed bugs!

We were called for a K-9 bed bug inspection. Two weeks later we followed up with Andrew to see how things were going. Andrew wrote:

  • mike, thanks for the follow up (meant to update you one week after the inspection).  we have not had any more bed bugs since the inspection!
    we really appreciate your service and expertise.