The Services We Provide

K-9 Angus searching a mattress/box spring for live bed bugs and/or their eggs.


Forest City K-9 offers K-9 Bed Bug Inspections for the detection and presence of live bed bugs and/or their viable eggs.  We are not exterminators, rather we are the means for professional exterminators to eradicate bed bugs as cost effective and painless as possible. As professionals in K-9 Bed Bug Inspection and Detection, we leave the exterminating services to them. 

This does not mean that we cannot offer exterminating services. We work with Lakewood Exterminating Service in Lakewood, Ohio. We offer this service to our customers who are in need of bed bug treatment. The folks at Lakewood Exterminating are highly knowledgeable professionals when it comes to bed bug issues and how to treat them. Shawn never leaves a stone unturned and will do whatever it takes to solve your bed bug issue. To visit Lakewood Exterminating, please click on the button.

Lakewood Exterminating

Service List:

 ONE-TIME INSPECTION SERVICES RESIDENTIAL -- Our services are particularly suitable for single-family homes, condominiums, townhomes or apartments. Our team will pinpoint exact locations where live bed bugs may be hiding making it easier to target your treatment for complete elimination.

REGULARLY SCHEDULED INSPECTIONS -- Senior care, childcare, rehab centers, libraries, Montessori or private schools, churches or any other facility where traffic is high greatly benefit with regular inspections for bed bugs.

COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL -- Invaluable for larger schools and universities, hotels, commercial, industrial, office buildings or theaters, when you are not sure how or where bed bugs are introduced. Bedbugs are introduced easily in high traffic environments like these; and you may wonder whether it’s a sole bedbug or is it moving out from an infested area in search of food and/or to start a new population elsewhere. In this case, our bed bug dogs will identify the exact location (s) and source of the bedbug (s) or infestation. This saves you money for treating “whole” buildings to designated areas only.

POST TREATMENT FOLLOW-UP INSPECTION -- We recommend always scheduling a follow-up inspection after any treatment. Because of the cryptic nature of bed bugs and their ability to hide this inspection is to confirm the effectiveness of the pest control treatment and to avoid having unnecessary or further treatments. We recommend you schedule this service before your pest control professional's warranty expires.


ASSISTANCE TO PEST CONTROL COMPANIES --  We can assist pest management companies by providing K-9 bed bug inspections in any environment, residential or commercial.

Having Forest City K-9 on your team:

  • Adds a much needed service to your already existing service list,
  • Dramatically reduces your time spent on searching for live bed bugs,
  • Improves the quality of service you already offer to your customers,
  • Adds value to your company,
  • Your customers will appreciate your using our certified K-9 bed bug inspection teams for their benefit. 
  • You will appreciate our reliable service and reasonable prices that can help you build your business.

If live bed bugs or their eggs are present, our highly specialized K-9/handler team will find them and their hiding places. You and your customer then decide on a treatment plan for eradication.

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Proactive K-9 bed bug inspection services

  • This is the most important service we offer for preventing bed bug infestations. 
  • This service provides great value, as bed bug treatments can be very expensive. The expense is much lower when taking a proactive approach in dealing with bed bugs.
  • You can reserve our team for routine K-9 bed bug inspections customized to your time and schedule. 
  • Routine K-9 bed bug inspections are highly recommended for any commercial or high traffic environments, such as hotels, alternative care facilities, hospital settings, multi-unit apartment complexes, etc. 
  • The purpose is to eliminate a bed bug issue before it grows into an infestation which could spread through walls, voids, electrical and plumbing conduits to adjacent rooms/units. 
  • Consider this service as part of a comprehensive bed bug prevention strategy to detect early bed bug infestations, manage treatment costs, prevent lawsuits and above all maintain your reputation.


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