Meet Our K-9 Bed Bug InspectionTeam

K-9 Angus, our dual certified bed bug detection dog


  • K-9 Angus is a 4 year old Black Labrador Retriever that came to us from Idaho as a rescue. Using his intensity and intelligence, K-9 Angus searches for and locates live bed bugs and/or their viable eggs on a daily basis. He completed his highly specialized training program, earned certifications from NESDCA and IBBMA in November 2016 and has since renewed them. He continues to train on days he is not working and will do so for the remainder of his working life.

Look at how happy Kota is! She completed her training and is ready to certify!


  • Kota is a 1 year old Springador that came to us from Kentucky as a rescue. Thus far, she has exceeded all of our expectations. Her highly specialized training program has now been completed and she has passed our tests with flying colors. She is now ready to earn her K-9 certification and to begin the next phase of her life as a working bed bug detection K-9.

Actual bedroom search featuring K-9 Angus

 Here, K-9 Angus is searching a bedroom for live bed bugs and/or viable eggs.  The homeowner is taking the video. She called us after finding out a friend of hers who slept there had bed bugs. She was hoping for a different result.  Live bed bugs were located by K-9 Angus and his indication was confirmed. K-9 Angus is displaying the perfect indication: The find, sitting, obedience to odor, the sniff and loud exhale at the end. 

Angus's Pre-Certification Training Video 1

  This video is a training video and was taken just before Angus' first certification in November, 2016. His alert surprised us as the hide is a very difficult one. We expected it would take him longer than it did to make the find. The hide is located behind the large blue container, under the carpet laid out on the table. He passively alerts by laying down on the table. 

Angus's Pre-Certification Training Video

This video is another training video which demonstrates a principle called "obedience to odor".  Angus has to search for and find the hidden vial containing 2 live bed bugs and passively alert by sitting or laying down. He must then get as close as possible to the source of the odor and stay in the indication until he is released.

Kota's First Training Video

At this stage of her training, Kota is a week short of 7 months old. She is beginning to recognize the odor of live bed bugs and/or their viable eggs.  In this video, Kota is to locate the box which contains a vial of live bed bugs, then indicate by laying down (the box is at floor level), then stay in that position until she is released. She must accomplish this with the mild distraction of a television in the background.

Kota is learning to deal with distractions

Here, Kota is building on her odor recognition skills, as well as her indication. The correct indication is for her to sit down, as the box is located above her nose level. The more challenging issue for her is K-9 Angus providing a major distraction. Will she stay focused? Will she stay in position until she is released?

Kota's First Cardboard Search

Until now, Kota has been searching for live bed bugs strictly within wooden odor boxes. This is her very first time searching for live bed bugs within cardboard.  Over time, she will learn to search any type of object or place live bed bugs can  hide. This is also the first time Kota figures out, on her own, what is expected of her. She does a great job in the end!