About Forest City K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Service

About Forest City K-9, Who We Are and What to Expect

About Forest City K-9

Forest City K-9 is a locally owned, operated and independent K-9 bed bug inspection service that provides K-9 bed bug inspection services in Cleveland and surrounding areas to residential, commercial, medical, and government customers.   

Being independent, we have nothing to gain from the outcome of your inspection and, as such, we do not sell pest control services of any kind. And, being independent also removes any possibility of a conflict of interest between us and any pest control company.  

At the conclusion of our inspection, we will provide you with a report of the inspection for you to give to the pest control professional of your choice.

What all of this means for you is simply a complete and thorough K-9 bed bug inspection with a honest result.

K-9 Angus, our Black Labrador Retriever, has received highly specialized in-house training. 

He is DUAL certified to search for and detect the presence of live bed bugs and/or their viable eggs, and has detected everything from large to small infestations, all the way down to a single bed bug. 

Soon, we will be adding Kota, our K-9 bed bug detector dog in training, to Forest City K-9's bed bug inspection team.

What to expect from Forest City K-9


Discretion...our vehicles are unmarked.

Honesty...No conflicts of interest with any pest control company.

Our K-9 bed bug inspection covers everything, everywhere...anywhere bed bugs can hide.

We verify ALL K-9 alerts.  This sets us apart from our competition.

We will prepare a detailed inspection report for you to give to the pest control professional of your choice.

Professionalism...you will be treated with the utmost courtesy and respect.