When should I have a K-9 bed bug inspection done?

If there are physical signs of bed bugs...

Physical signs of bed bugs include dead bugs, shed skins and fecal matter.

  • Physical signs of bed bugs include: blackish colored stains on bedding and other areas, shed skins and odor compared to a musty basement.

If you see bite marks on exposed skin...

Bed bug bites come in all forms. These are a bit more severe.

  • Seeing bite marks on exposed skin that were not there the night before could be a good indication these are bed bug bites. Bite marks can appear to be a series of small red dots or welts on exposed skin. 

If you have seen or found a live bed bug...

Actual picture of a bed bug

  • Seeing and even finding a live bed bug tells you they are present but does not tell you where they are hiding. A K-9 bed bug inspection will pinpoint their exact location.

If you have seen bugs but not sure if they are bed bugs...

We can answer all of your questions

  •  There are several species of pests that resemble bed bugs...carpet beetles and bat beetles being the most common. Our K-9's know the difference.

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If you have had treatment(s) for bed bugs...

Bed bug treatment being done

  • When bed bug treatment has been completed, you need to know whether or not the treatment was successful.  A K-9 bed bug inspection post treatment will confirm whether or not the treatment(s) were successful.

Anytime there is a suspicion of bed bugs...

  • If you have the slightest suspicion you may have a bed bug issue, have a K-9 bed bug inspection done right away. Early detection keeps small infestations from turning to large ones, which lowers treatment cost.

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Assistance for Pest Control Companies

Advantages of having Forest City K-9 on your team:

  • We can assist you by providing fast and accurate K-9 bed bug inspections in any location, residential, commercial, medical or industrial.
  • Adds an additional high value service to your already existing service lineup
  • If live bed bugs / eggs are present,  you and your customer decide how to eradicate the infestation.
  • Less time doing inspections means more time for other work...helps to increase profit.
  • Your customers will appreciate your looking out for their best interest by using our NESDCA and IBBMA certified K-9 bed bug inspection team for their K-9 bed bug inspection needs.  
  • You will appreciate our reliable service and reasonable prices that can help you build your business and increase profit.


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Accepted forms of payment

Cash, Company Checks, Personal Checks (Picture ID Required), 

Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, Pay Over Time and American Express accepted for K-9 bed bug inspections.

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