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Targeted Inspections

 If you have the slightest suspicion you may have a bed bug issue, call us. Our K-9 pinpoints the exact locations where bed bugs may be hiding to help get you on your way to eradicating them.

Proactive Inspections

 We offer customized plans for monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly K-9 bed bug inspections based upon your needs. Taking the proactive approach significantly reduces the chance of a major bed bug infestation.

Post Treatment Inspections

Approximately 30 days after your final treatment, call us. Post Treatment Inspections confirm whether or not your treatment was successful.

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If you even have the slightest suspicion you may have a bed bug issue, please don't wait!  Find out for sure! The longer you wait, the more serious and expensive the issue could become. Use the Email Contact Form on the left or call us TODAY to schedule your appointment for a comprehensive K-9 bed bug inspection.

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